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Important foundations are built in the first year and are critical for optimal development. Consultations & classes offered.

*To register for classes found in online calendars, including Carolina Parent, please email or call 919-469-0519.


Topic-based classes coming soon at NC Pediatric Orthopaedics in Raleigh, NC.

I also join Maryska Bigos and Janice Geller for Developmental FUNdamentals in Durham, NC at Health Associates. Class in Raleigh starting soon.

Developmental FUNdamentals (Flier-2014 FUNdamentals;

Health Associates, 906 Broad Street, Durham, NC
Donation: $5-40.00 per visit
Did you know that your infant’s movement sequencing and sensory integration will be influenced by your touch?

Join us for Developmental FUNdamentals during your infant’s first year. The class is started by the babies as we follow their creative play and the problem-solving. Our gentle and supportive classes offer a foundation for optimal body/brain development. We encourage caregivers to question popular equipment and beliefs about sitting and standing their infant before they can move in and out of these positions independently. With knowledge, caregivers can avoid common misunderstandings that lead to unnecessary physical and mental challenges later. We often hear from caregivers who wish they had learned Developmental FUNdamentals earlier in their child’s life.

Individual Sessions

Contact me when/for:

Tummy Time is uncomfortable
Baby is sitting but not rolling
Skipping milestones (like crawling on belly or hands-&-knees)
Scooting on bottom
Crawling with foot/knee combo
Baby arches a lot
Uses only one side
Wants to stand all the time
Bonding support
Challenges with sleep
Toddler is hitting, biting, or head-banging
Baby cries even when all needs have been met
Well-baby check-ins

Sessions are appropriate:

  • during pregnancy (preparation for preventing overstimulation, supporting the “4th Trimester” period, home set-up, choosing products wisely)
  • for babies and toddlers at any stage of development up to running
  • for typically- and non-typically-progressing babies
  • when you have a concern even though others are telling you it’s fine or “he’ll grow out of it”

Sessions can: Address your concerns and curiosities about movement/milestones; cover handling tips that promote optimal movement/brain development and help you be more comfortable; address concerns about crying and how to help Baby without ignoring or distracting.

What to expect: All in-person sessions provide non-invasive, gentle, respectful hands-on support through play. We’ll cover ways you can foster (without pushing) your baby’s healthy development beyond our session and build these supportive tips into your daily life so they’re accessible to you.

Details: In-person sessions last around 2 hours, depending on Baby’s pace. Mom, Dad, nannies, grandparents, and other primary caregivers are encouraged to come with you.

In-person sessions are  in your home (in the Triangle, NC area) or at an office in Raleigh. I also offer sessions by Skype (60 to 90 minutes).

Sliding scale offered, $85-$115 (you decide).


“I feel like I was in this amazingly beautiful river [as a parent], the water sparkling, the sun shining down. I love every minute of this place. But I would see things along the shore or just out of reach and I’d be frustrated, floating in this magnificent place, because things were slipping through my fingers. I was missing some of the beauty. And I wanted all of it!

And you gave me a sail. And you taught me to listen to the wind change direction so I could get my raft to go where it needs to so I can see everything.

I already love being his mama. Every second. But somehow you’re helping me to be even better. And I don’t have words enough to thank you for that.” -Mom in CO

“It’s amazing how quickly he’s learned [walking, running, & kicking]. I talk to friends with similar aged kids, and they all talk about a much longer learning process and many more problems with balance. I really think he’s as agile and balanced as he is because of your work with him. You’ve made a big difference in his life!” -Mom in NC

“My 4 month old daughter and I met Eliza Parker this evening and we were so very impressed! Eliza’s academic background is in somatics – body movement and its developmental effects. She works with all babies, but specializes in developmental issues. My daughter is developing “perfectly,” but still Eliza was able to tell me a few things I could do to help her posture and how to make tummy time more enjoyable for her. My baby, who is usually very discriminating, just took to her! She gave her gaping smiles and nuzzled right up in her arms. – Mom in Boulder, CO

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